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23 November 2015

Interview about the bio-based chemical industry in Europe

In a interview on the occasion of EFIB 2015, two bio-based experts – Pierre Barthelemy, from CEFIC, and Henrike Gebhardt, from Evonik – share their opinion on the developments of the bio-based chemical industry in Europe.

“The chemical industry regards the developments in the bio-based economy as one of the opportunities for innovation towards more sustainable products. We have to be careful that “bio-based” is not per definition more sustainable than “fossil-based”: there needs to be an evaluation of the sustainability of the chemical industry’s products and processes based on complete LCA analyses and taking into account the three pillars of sustainability (environmental, economic and social),” says Pierre Barthelemy, from CEFIC.

For Henrike Gebhardt, from Evonik, “most of the major chemicals companies recognize the innovative potential of the feedstock shift for the development of novel chemicals and efficient production processes.” And he adds that “the chemicals industry realizes that bio-based raw materials can make a significant contribution to the reduction of the environmental footprint.”

To read the full interview, visit the EFIB website