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16 February 2018

H2020 project to develop new sustainable packaging aiming at longer preservation of food products

The project REFUCOAT, coordinated by AIMPLAS, will soon develop an innovative food packaging based on biopolymers in order to achieve environmentally sustainable packaging and allowing for longer and more efficient food conservation.

The project aims to develop fully-recyclable food packaging with enhanced gas barrier properties and new functionalities using high performance coatings. Within the project’s objective, project partners will be using active coatings in films and trays as an alternative to current metallised and modified atmospheric packaging (MAP), which can entail complex and expensive recycling steps.

Specifically, polyglycolic acid (PGA) is going to be combined with modified silica oxide in order to formulate a hybrid coating with oxygen and water vapour barrier properties. Furthermore, a new PLA grade from corn wastes will be developed, with better water vapour barrier values than commercial grades. These developments are going to be combined in order to create recyclable packages for chicken, cereals and snacks.

The project REFUCOAT involves 12 partners and is funded by the European Union, through the program H2020 programme.

For more information read Aimplas press release or visit the project’s website.