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4 March 2016

Market dialogue for bio-based disposable care items and catering

PIANOo is organising a market dialogue for bio-based disposable care items and catering, that will take place on April 19 at the Erasmus MC in Rotterdam (The Netherlands). The meeting is open to all interested parties, such as producers of bio-based materials and products, potential suppliers, waste processors, buyers and researchers.

The purpose of the market dialogue is to exchange knowledge between the different stakeholders involved in the procurement of these items in order to increase the market knowledge of the procurement practitioners and to improve suppliers’ understanding of procurers’ needs and constraints. Market dialogue helps to prepare a successful tender that includes functional requirements.

Bio-based products can have unique added value in comparison to traditional products, for instance, improved material properties and biodegradability. Bio-based products and services can contribute positively to green growth and sustainability, innovation, and employment. They have the potential to reduce dependency on fossil fuels.

Registration to this market dialogue event is free and will be available through PIANOo website.