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9 December 2016

Neobuild Innovation Centre, a building using 100% bio-based paint

The Neobuild Innovation Centre – Living Lab of construction technology solutions is the highlighted October case of BUILD-UP, the European Portal for Energy Efficiency in Buildings. The building incorporates a number of innovative processes and materials in its construction, amongst those, bio-based and recycled materials.

The building, located in Luxembourg, uses solid wood, cellulose, cement particle board, stone aggregates, wooden cladding and 100% bio-based paint. Alongside the environmental aspect, health and comfort are the two other key aspects of the building. The idea is that all users can enjoy a bright and functional space that uses materials that naturally regulate humidity in the rooms and have suitable ventilation. The bio-based paint has also contributed to this health and comfort aspect.

The Neobuild Innovation Centre is also considered a smart building, as it has over 1,500 sensors with multiple functions to monitor it. It anticipates on the Net Zero Energy buildings of 2020.

For more information, visit here