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10 February 2017

Bioeconomy briefing issued by the European Parliamentary Research Service

The European Parliamentary Research Service published in January a briefing focused on the challenges and opportunities of the bioeconomy. According to the European Commission defines the bioeconomy as the “production and extraction of renewable biological resources (known as ‘biomass’) and their conversion into food and feed; bio-based products (such as timber, fibre, chemicals or bioplastics) and bioenergy (for instance through firewood, biofuels or biogas).

An infographic shows what the products and goals of the bioeconomy are. The bioeconomy is aimed at improving human health, enhancing energy security, contributing to sustainability, fostering inclusiveness, enhancing competitiveness, creating jobs and growth, ensuring food security, managing natural capital, and mitigating and adapting to climate change.

The paper also gives an overview of the EU policy framework for the bioeconomy, consisting of a number of legislative acts and policies from various areas. The EU circular economy plan identifies ‘biomass and bio-based products’ as one of five priority areas. In 2012, the European Commission adopted a bioeconomy strategy that seeks to ensure policy coherence, to increase public funding and private investment, and to set up participatory governance models.

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