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20 May 2016

West Holland promotes itself as a hotspot for bio-based industry

West Holland, in The Netherlands, has designed an infographic presenting the 10 reasons why the region is a hotspot to invest in the bio-based industry, highlighting its strong reputation for knowledge and expertise in the field of industrial biotechnology.

The region defines itself as a "feedstock hub" due to its “key position and strategic location for importing biomass”, as well as for its local feedstock – sugar beets are widely available. Another key fact they remark is the access to talent, as the number of students on the field of biotechnology increased from 2014 to 2015. Courses on bioprocess design, environmental biotech, and biocatalysis and protein engineering are available in the area.

The Netherlands is strongly focusing on shifting to a bio-based economy. It is stated that “entrepreneurs, knowledge institutes and government agencies strengthen the front runner position of the region in the bio-based economy”.

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