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16 December 2016

New study estimates 1,455 tonnes of plastic float in the Mediterranean

Researchers have issued a study that estimates that a rough total of 1,455 tonnes of floating plastic is present across the Mediterranean Sea. The team of researchers highlights that the issue is likely to worsen if the global production keeps on increasing, and waste-management systems do not respond to this problem. They call on raising awareness on the relevance of plastic waste reduction.

Researchers gathered floating plastics using trawl nets and found that micro-plastics with a surface area of around 1 square millimetre (mm2) were the most abundant size of plastic particles found. Micro-plastics are harmful to marine animals, and they can also negative impacts on fishing, aquaculture and tourism.

Due to currents and other specificities of the Mediterranean Sea, four potential areas of plastic accumulation have been identified: the Otranto Strait, the northern coast of Sicily, the Ionian Islands and the Menorca Channel.

To know more about the study, visit here. For further information on the positive impacts of bio-based products and their sustainability, as well as on biodegradability check the InnProBio factsheets.