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17 February 2017

A European project is pushing to mainstream bio-based construction materials

ISOBIO, funded by the Horizon 2020 programme within the ‘Materials for Building Envelopes’ call for Energy Efficient Buildings, is working on an innovative strategy to bring bio-based construction materials into the mainstream.

From a scientific point of view, ISOBIO partners aim at assessing and further advancing the state-of-the-art in bio-based insulation materials, amongst others. Whereas from a technological perspective, the focus is on developing new sustainable construction materials that, through a series of prototype-level demonstrations, will show significant social, environmental and financial benefits for the sector.

The main goals are to achieve a 50% reduction in embodied energy and CO2 emissions, a decrease of 15% of the costs, to improve by 20% insulation properties compared to conventional materials, and to save 5% of energy over the lifetime of a building. By doing so, the competitiveness of the European construction sector in the field of “green” construction technologies will be strengthened.

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