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19 February 2016

Utrecht to host the 4th BioEconomy Stakeholders’ Conference

Co-organised by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and by the European Commission, the 4th BioEconomy Stakeholders’ Conference will take place on 12-13 April in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

The programme of the Conference has been designed to detect the needs of the European bioeconomy. The first day is aimed at inspiring participants by listening to key stakeholders, as well as by learning more about the role of bioeconomy in the circular economy. Several interactive workshops will be held in different Dutch companies. During the second day of the event, a Manifesto for the bioeconomy in Europe will be presented. Other sessions will focus on how to organise the governance of the bioeconomy and how to progress towards an integrated bioeconomy.

As part of the side events, a bio-based house will be shown. Around 40 companies – suppliers, builders, architects, and start-ups – will contribute to the house. It will be a clear example of which bio-based materials can be used in construction and which bio-based products are already available.

Registration to the event is already available: