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28 October 2016

PPI4Waste report aims to define common needs of public buyers

A new report produced by the EU-funded PPI4Waste project identifies and defines common public buyer needs in the field of municipal waste management. Titled “Agreeing on common needs”, the document has been written based on the consortium’s knowledge and experience in waste and public procurement, and includes lessons learnt from projects including Ecopol, Wastecosmart, Probis and INNOCAT.

The report methodology focused on the identification of needs expressed by contracting authorities in different countries, regions and cities, with the aim to come to an agreement on common requirements. The identified needs can be considered core needs of contracting authorities. The document places a particular emphasis on situations requiring the implementation of collaborative public procurement initiatives.

By using the report, public authorities can better understand their situation and the challenges inherent to municipal waste management. Indications are given on how to analyse, prioritise and agree on needs, taking into consideration the circular economy approach.

To view the report, visit the PPI4Waste project website.