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1 March 2018

InnProBio comes to an end

The InnProBio project came to an end at the beginning of March 2018 following three years of work and an array of resources geared towards the public procurement community.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the readers and users of this website, and all other interested parties, for having helped us to promote, among practitioners, decision makers, companies, and other multipliers, innovative bio-based products and services.

Even though our journey has come to an end, we would still like to invite you to keep checking Nova Institute’s online news page for the latest news updates on bio-based products and materials.

Follow other initiatives on bio-based products:

BioVoices - aims to increase the quality, relevance, know-how and the social acceptability of bio-based products for a prosperous bioeconomy and a sustainable world

BioCanDo - aims to increase acceptance of bio-based materials and engage EU citizens in the new bioeconomy

BIOWAYS - seeks to promote the huge potential of bio-based research results and raise public awareness of bio-based products

To stay in touch with the sustainable and innovation public procurement community, we invite you to sign up to the Procura+ Information Service.