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7 January 2016

European bio-based standard about B2C reporting and communication open for public comments until mid-January

Comments to the European standard prEN 16935 ‘Bio-based products - B2C reporting and communication - Requirements for claims’ can be submitted to national standardisation organisations until mid-January. This European standard has been developed with the aim to standardize the information displayed on and about bio-based products by defining criteria for a credible, transparent and non-misleading communication, ensuring that the information displayed is easily available and understandable to the consumer. This document has been prepared by CEN/TC 411 ‘Bio-based products’.

prEN 16935 applies to organisations that place bio-based products on the market and wish to inform the consumers about the specific characteristics of such bio-based products. It specifies requirements for transparent and non-misleading business-to-consumer communication of characteristics of bio-based products by means of labelling and claims. Besides that, this document also specifies the characteristics of bio-based products, to be communicated to consumers, and requirements for claims related to bio-based products. The future European Standard can also be used as a basis for the establishment of product specific standards and certification schemes for specific sectors and products claims. The current version also contains a useful and clear example of display of information.

Publication of this European standard prEN for B2C reporting and communication is scheduled in 2016. Besides a standard for B2C communication, CEN/TC 411 is also developing a document for business to business communication, namely prEN 16848 ‘Bio-based products - Template for B2B reporting and communication of characteristics - Data sheet) (publication is also scheduled in 2016).