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26 February 2016

European Commission invites procurers interested in PPI and PCP to take survey

The European Commission has launched a survey targeted at procurers, the results of which will guide the allocation of funds for the next Horizon 2020 Working Programmes. The survey aims to collect data from public procurers that intend to procure an innovative solution in the coming years. A budget of around €130 million is available under the 2016 - 2017 Horizon 2020 Work Programmes to support procurers that join together to implement joint cross-border Pre-Commercial Procurements (PCP) or Public Procurement of Innovation (PPI).

The short questionnaire asks which type of innovative ICT solutions are of most interest to the procurer’s organisation, giving selectable examples such as advanced computing, software services or applications, and human-centric ICT solutions. It also enquires as to the organisation's potential interest in collaborating with other procurers and the organisation's experience in innovation procurement.

The survey is hosted on the eafip website, a European Commission supported initiative that focuses on promoting the benefits of innovation procurement, as well as providing training and assistance to public procurers with an interest in implementing innovation procurements of ICT based solutions across the EU.

To take part in the survey, visit the eafip website.