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22 July 2016

InnProBio factsheet #3 addresses myths and facts about biodegradability

In order to clarify some misunderstandings and myths, as well as to address some confusion governing the topic of biodegradability, the InnProBio team has issued its factsheet #3 focused on it.

Myth #1 refers to the consideration that all biodegradable products are made from bio-based materials. Although biodegradability is a property inherent to many bio-based products, some fossil-based chemicals and polymers are completely biodegradable. Myth #2 explains why not all bio-based products are biodegradable. Myth #3 gives an explanation to the common understanding that biodegradable products can be thrown into the environment and they will disappear. Time, temperature and the presence of microorganism are key to biodegradation. Myth #4 is about biodegradability being or not a quick solution.

The publication also includes a table with the most important terms around biodegradability and what they mean, with specifications on the end result, the process and other extra remarks.

Factsheet #3 is available here