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29 July 2016

The land use sector to be integrated into the EU 2030 Climate and Energy Framework

The European Commission has issued a factsheet encouraging the integration of the land use sector into the EU 2030 Climate and Energy Framework to achieve a successful transition to a low-carbon economy. The publication remarks that “incentives for climate-friendly land use and forestry ensure the continued growth and sustainable productivity of our rural communities” and highlights that “a sustainably managed land use sector can supply renewable energy and materials, ensuring that the EU remains a world leader in these markets.”

The publication places a reminder that “land use and forestry include our use of soils, trees, plants, biomass and timber, and are in a unique position to contribute to a robust climate policy.”

Regarding the benefits for European citizens, farmers and foresters, a sustainable land use contributes to securing food production, protecting biodiversity, and encouraging the development of a bio-based economy.

To read the EC factsheet, click here