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21 February 2018

Market dialogue on bio-based held in Poland

A market dialogue/engagement event was held between potential local government procurers and suppliers on 11 February 2018 in Lodz - a first for Poland. Both procurers and companies had the opportunity of gaining a completely new experience and perspective of using this approach to gather information from the market' - both from the supply and demand sides. The cleaning products and services market was in focus.

Despite the novel approach, 19 people attended. The majority represented local governments and municipalities from the Lodz region, who are involved in public procurement procedures in their administrations.

The Market Dialogue session consisted of three parts, which included an introduction and presentation of the EU-funded InnProBio project (including new tools and good practice) along with the presentation of bio-based products and services identified through the project. The second session saw two presentations made by companies about their products. The first of these was a consultancy company THETA specialising in advisory services for the chemical sector and supporting both private and public entities in any technical and legal expertise required. For instance, in obtaining certificates or controlling product compliance with certain procurer's requirements. The second presentation was from Naprzód Marketing sp. z o.o. - a company specialising mainly in providing bio-based cleaning services. The third session of the day focused on face-to-face consultations and was aimed at giving procurers the possibility of engaging and discussing directly with both suppliers and the experts from the InnProBio team. This session also included a final company presentation from Werner & Mertz Professional and its products from the greenCARE Professional line.

The Market Dialogue was organised by the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Lodz, via the Centre for Public Procurement and Public-Private Partnership. The Market Dialogue was titled "Market Dialogue for Bio-based public procurement of cleaning products and services".