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14 December 2015

InnProBio issues its first factsheet

The InnProBio team has produced the first of a series of factsheets, containing information about bio-based products and services. Under the title What are bio-based products?, this publication provides the basis of these products “wholly or partly derived from biomass” and what makes them different from their traditional versions.

Factsheet #1 highlights the benefits of bio-based products, such as their potential to reduce the economy’s dependence on fossil feedstocks, to create green jobs in the European Union, and to help drive European innovation. The link between bio-based products and sustainability is also outlined: “sustainability of bio-based products is dependent on multiple factors, such as sourcing of feedstock, design of the production process, adequate choice of disposal option, etc.”

The section From biomass to bio-based products shows in a very visual way different biomass feedstocks –i.e. sugar, starch and natural rubber–, bio-based intermediates –i.e. fibres, polymers and composites–, and bio-based end products.

Factsheet #1 is available here. The InnProBio team is currently working on the following factsheets.