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5 February 2016

BBI releases its annual work plan

The Bio-Based Industries Joint Undertaking’s 2016 Annual Work Plan and Budget is now available from the BBI Europe website. The document outlines the scope and details of research and innovation activities prioritised for the Call for Proposals in 2016. During the next BBI JU 2016 Open Info Day, that will take place 21 April in Brussels, participants will be informed about BBI Call rules, how to apply and how to submit a proposal.

2016 AWP focuses on the need to better integrate biomass feedstock suppliers on the front end of the chain to create a demand for biomass feedstock from biorefining processes and pursues to stimulate the formation of partnerships with end market actors to create a ‘market pull’ for bio-based products for identified applications. The three strategic lines will be to have sufficient and sustainable biomass feedstock supply at affordable price, the development of biorefinery technologies and processes to increase the competitive position of the bio-based industries in Europe, and to increase market demand and customer awareness through the development of innovative products.

Topics such as bio-based food packaging, bio-based alternatives to improve protection of human health and the environment, improve sustainability of value chains based on forest biomass and increase productivity and profitability on supply side by adapting forests to climate changes, bio-based polymers/plastic materials with new functionalities for medical, construction, automotive and textile industries, and biomass production on unused land for conversion into added-value products while boosting rural and industrial development, are included in the call for proposals.

For more information, visit the BBI Europe website.