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29 January 2016

BioSpain will host a session on public procurement of innovation

BioSpain –the largest biotech event organised by a national bioindustry association in Europe – will host a session on innovation public procurement and biotech. Speakers from the Regional Government of Galicia (Spain), PIANOo (Dutch Public Procurement Expertise Centre, Netherlands), the Agency for Health Quality and Assessment of Catalonia (Spain), and the National Institutes of Health (USA) will discuss the benefits of procuring innovation and which kind of biotechnologies can be promoted.

Other issues to be raised at the session ‘New gaming rules: innovation through Innovative Public Procurement’ are the challenges and opportunities of launching PPI and PCP contracts, the rules of those contracts, and which expectations companies have of these contracts.

Assistants to the event will learn more about the biotech trends. Companies seeking international finance or partners will have the chance to present their business project to the audience. During the session ‘The European Commitment for Bioeconomy’, different initiatives based on the needs and technology offerings that will promote the future of the bioeconomy in Europe will be shown.

BioSpain will take place in Bilbao (Spain) from 28th to 30th September, 2016.

For more information, visit BioSpain