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13 October 2015

European standard for the determination of the bio-based carbon content (using the radiocarbon method) published for public comments

CEN has published a new standard for public comments, prEN 16640 ‘Bio-based products - Bio-based carbon content - Determination of the bio-based carbon content using the radiocarbon method’.

This European Standard specifies a method for the determination of the bio-based carbon content in products, based on the 14C content measurement. This standard also specifies three test methods to be used for the determination of the 14C content from which the bio-based carbon content is calculated: method A: Liquid scintillation-counter method (LSC) (normative); method B: Beta-ionization (BI) (informative); and method C: Accelerator mass spectrometry (AMS) (normative). The bio-based carbon content is expressed by a fraction of sample mass or as a fraction of the total carbon content.

The main objective of CEN Technical Committee 411 ‘Bio-based products’ is to develop standards for bio-based products covering horizontal aspects. This includes a consistent terminology for bio-based products, sampling, bio-based content, application of and correlation towards LCA and sustainability of biomass used, and guidance on the use of existing standards for the end-of-life options.

Stakeholders can contact their own National Standardization Body to receive more information on how (and when) to deliver comments to CEN/TC 411.