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26 May 2015

InnProBio aims to stimulate demand for bio-based products and services in Europe

The EU-funded InnProBio project will increase the number of public procurers equipped to carry out the procurement of innovative bio-based products and services, leading to better purchasing practices. With the public sector controlling around one fifth of European GDP, public procurers can significantly influence demand for, and investment in, renewably produced products.

The 2014 EU Procurement Directives have made it easier for public procurers to purchase innovative goods and services, but many remain unsure of how to start the process. Through the project, procurers will be provided with much needed guidance and support tools, while standardisation bodies will be enlisted to offer definitive information on products that carry the “bio-based” tag. Joint trainings, workshops and other networking activities will be held in the scope of the project, with a focus on training those who are in a position to retrain others in their locality.

One of InnProBio’s primary aims is to develop a community of procurers, decision-makers and suppliers interested in the procurement of bio-based products. The Procurement Forum (, a dedicated online networking space for procurement professionals, will be used to bring interested procurers together with experts in the field.

The project is coordinated by the Agency for Renewable Resources (FNR), in partnership with the Biomass Technology Group (BTG), Dutch standardisation institute (Stichting Nederlands Normalisatie-Instituut, NEN), NOVA Institute for Ecology and Innovation, the University of Hull (United Kingdom), the Dutch Public Procurement Expertise Centre (PIANOo), the University of Lodz (Poland) and ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability.

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