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21 September 2015

100 metres of bio-based asphalt in The Netherlands

A 100-metre trial section in Zeeland, The Netherlands, is being used to test bio-based asphalt. The main feature of this asphalt is that half of the petroleum in the bitumen - the final heavy fraction remaining after the refinery of petroleum – has been replaced by lignin.

According to the scientists who discovered the similarities between lignin and bitumen, it can be used as a bio-based replacement as it is also sticky and has similar properties regarding UV and dimension stability.

During the next two years, some tests will be conducted in this road section to check whether lignin offers better results in the rolling resistance for the asphalt, as this would mean extra savings in fossil fuels by lowering the noise and reducing fuel consumption.

For more information, visit WageningenUR website

10 September 2015

Selection process open to receive assistance for PCP/PPI projects

Procurers interested in receiving assistance to kick off and implement a pre-commercial procurement / public procurement of innovation project can apply for the selection process open by European Assistance for Innovative Procurement (eafip) for that purpose.

To participate in the process, procurers need to fill out an online questionnaire before September 30th. The selection will take into consideration four criteria: concrete interest and commitment in starting PCP/PPI project and maturity of the business case, potential impact of the PCP/PPI procurement, geographical balance of the cases to be assisted across Europe, and lack of experience and existence of prior cases in the implementation of PCP/PPI under the legal system of the country in question.

A total of 12 EU public procurers will be chosen. Additional projects might be supported if there is a high level of interest from eligible applicants.

For more information, visit the European Assistance for Innovative Procurement's website.