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29 January 2016

BioSpain will host a session on public procurement of innovation

BioSpain –the largest biotech event organised by a national bioindustry association in Europe – will host a session on innovation public procurement and biotech. Speakers from the Regional Government of Galicia (Spain), PIANOo (Dutch Public Procurement Expertise Centre, Netherlands), the Agency for Health Quality and Assessment of Catalonia (Spain), and the National Institutes of Health (USA) will discuss the benefits of procuring innovation and which kind of biotechnologies can be promoted.

Other issues to be raised at the session ‘New gaming rules: innovation through Innovative Public Procurement’ are the challenges and opportunities of launching PPI and PCP contracts, the rules of those contracts, and which expectations companies have of these contracts.

Assistants to the event will learn more about the biotech trends. Companies seeking international finance or partners will have the chance to present their business project to the audience. During the session ‘The European Commitment for Bioeconomy’, different initiatives based on the needs and technology offerings that will promote the future of the bioeconomy in Europe will be shown.

BioSpain will take place in Bilbao (Spain) from 28th to 30th September, 2016.

For more information, visit BioSpain

22 January 2016

“Bioeconomy Impact 2016” will focus on how to deliver innovation

The CommBeBiz project has announced its conference “Bioeconomy Impact 2016”, the first in a series of annual events which will challenge bioeconomy researchers to critically think about the value, impact and relevance of their research. This two-day event (10-11 February) will take place in Dublin, Ireland.

The conference will focus on discussions and solutions for improved exploitation of research results, with keynotes and workshops to enhance capacities and key skills in impact identification and impact creation. Dirk Carrez, Executive Director of the Bio-based Industries Consortium, will address the potential of public-private partnerships as new business models to create impact in the bio-based industries. One of the panel discussion will tackle opportunities and challenges of cross-sectoral innovation in the European Bioeconomy. During the conference, the winner of the Bioeconomy Photo Competition Award will be announced. The closing date for the competition is January 25th.

Bioeconomy Impact 2016 is free to attend. The event is targeted at all stakeholders with an interest in ensuring publicly-funded research has a meaningful impact on European society, including researchers, industry, policy-makers, and all other interested stakeholders.

For more information, visit CommBeBiz website.

15 January 2016

Increasing brand value through innovation and sustainability in packaging

Over 100 delegates from different companies will gather in Brussels at the 5th Global Packaging Summit – Packaged to discuss how to increase brand value through innovation and sustainability in packaging. The event will take place on 25-26 January.

Some of the topics that will be covered are packaging innovation in the context of the circular economy model; eco-design, innovation and waste reduction, and the key role of sustainable packaging solutions in achieving a green supply change. The summit features case studies from market leading consumer goods companies. There will be interactive sessions, workshops and exhibitions, where visitors can identify the latest innovative technologies to support their firms’ packaging operations.

Julio Garcia-Burgues, Head of Unit of Waste Management and Recycling at the European Commission, will deliver a keynote speech. Speakers at the Summit will address how to reach ambitions recycling targets, how sustainable bio-based resources can play an important role to meet consumers’ attention on environmental aspects, and how to apply innovation to this packaging field.

7 January 2016

European bio-based standard about B2C reporting and communication open for public comments until mid-January

Comments to the European standard prEN 16935 ‘Bio-based products - B2C reporting and communication - Requirements for claims’ can be submitted to national standardisation organisations until mid-January. This European standard has been developed with the aim to standardize the information displayed on and about bio-based products by defining criteria for a credible, transparent and non-misleading communication, ensuring that the information displayed is easily available and understandable to the consumer. This document has been prepared by CEN/TC 411 ‘Bio-based products’.

prEN 16935 applies to organisations that place bio-based products on the market and wish to inform the consumers about the specific characteristics of such bio-based products. It specifies requirements for transparent and non-misleading business-to-consumer communication of characteristics of bio-based products by means of labelling and claims. Besides that, this document also specifies the characteristics of bio-based products, to be communicated to consumers, and requirements for claims related to bio-based products. The future European Standard can also be used as a basis for the establishment of product specific standards and certification schemes for specific sectors and products claims. The current version also contains a useful and clear example of display of information.

Publication of this European standard prEN for B2C reporting and communication is scheduled in 2016. Besides a standard for B2C communication, CEN/TC 411 is also developing a document for business to business communication, namely prEN 16848 ‘Bio-based products - Template for B2B reporting and communication of characteristics - Data sheet) (publication is also scheduled in 2016).