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31 March 2017

New resource on procurement of bio-based products and services

What are bio-based products and services? Why is it called procurement of innovative bio-based products and services? Why should bio-based products be promoted or preferred through public procurement? What are the advantages of bio-based products for users/consumers compared to traditional products? These are some of the interrogatives that the new “Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)” section in the InnProBio website answers.

The aim of it is to clarify common questions that procurers might ask themselves or that other public servants might ask to procurers. By providing them with clear answers, procurers are much better informed to reply to any doubts and enquiries raised. The InnProBio FAQ also seeks to encourage practitioners to start procurement processes to purchase bio-based products, given their benefits.

This resource will be part of the Decision Support Tool that is currently under development by the InnProBio team, and that will be one of the main outcomes of the project. To check the “Frequently Asked Questions” section visit here.

24 March 2017

Successful InnProBio workshop in Lodz, Poland

The first workshop on bio-based products and services organised by the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Lodz, partner of the InnProBio team, took place on March 23rd. The workshop was titled "Green public procurement. Innovative bio-based products and services" and covered introduction to the topic of bio-based products and services, via green public procurement and ways of promoting environmentally friendly solutions in public procurement.

A total of 35 persons attended the event. Vast majority of participants were representatives of local government units and municipalities from Lodz region, who directly conduct or assist procurement procedures in their institutions.

Workshop was divided into three parts: started with a theoretical introduction on general rules regarding green public procurement, continued with a presentation of bio-based projects and services identified by the InnProBio project, and finished with presentation on empirical implementation of green public procurement in practice of the City of Lodz.

All the participants expressed the desire to attend more workshops and training sessions on the topic of bio-based products and services in the future.

17 March 2017

BioCannDo organises a webinar on communication of bio-based products

The H2020 project BioCannDo – Bioeconomy Awareness and Discourse Project – organises a webinar addressed to all stakeholders involved in the development of the bioeconomy and/or of innovative bio-based products that want to engage with others and learn more on how to communicate the benefits of the bioeconomy. The webinar will take place on 30th of March.

BioCannDo explains the idea of a bioeconomy and bio-based end-products in clear and understandable language, in a scientifically correct manner, and connect it to everyday life. Collaboration partners can share and learn about good practices in approaches and formats for communication to the general public.

The BioCannDo project website already offers information on different bio-based products related to catering, construction, gardening, home and transport.

To take part in the webinar, register here.