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26 May 2017

BioWays pushes for networking, innovation and communication in the bio-based field

After conducting an online survey to check what the public perception of bio-based products is, BioWays, an EU-funded project, continues with its tasks and activities aiming at raising awareness of the potential benefits of bio-based products and their applications. The questionnaire has helped the consortium to identify obstacles that prevent a wider adoption of this kind of products by the larger public.

BioWays will create a publicly accessible digital platform that will act as a communication tool and e-library of information about bio-based products providing valuable insight into their benefits and their potential. In order to promote the discussion about the potential of the bioeconomy for society, the project will provide different scenarios for interaction and network where a wide range of stakeholders can interact.

Another objective of BioWays is to increase the overall interest of young students in the bio-based economy at large. Throughout the lifespan of the project, training curriculum, relevant materials and tools will be developed, and pilot training seminars for teachers will be designed in order to achieve this goal.

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12 May 2017

Procurers and suppliers share their challenges on the bio-based field in an event organised by InnProBio

The InnProBio team hosted the first workshop and market dialogue on public procurement of bio-based products and services in Germany. The event took place last 25 April in Bonn. At the workshop, resources and results of the project were presented to the participants. All supporting tools for public procurers are available at the InnProBio website. The team is currently working on a Decision Support Tool that will be finalised and launched in September. Its aims it to serve as a guideline for public procurers interested in purchasing bio-based products.

During the workshops, participants discussed barriers in procuring bio-based products, such as, including the term “bio-based” in tenders. They also mentioned that the main reasons hindering the inclusion of specific criteria on bio-based are the overall knowledge of what bio-based is, where to find this kind of products, and what certificates currently exist. The InnProBio Decision Support Tool aims at helping procurers with their information search.

The market dialogue allowed public procurers to meet product suppliers. Bio-based textiles, catering products, office materials, maintenance service and wood furniture were showcased. Participants could share their views and obstacles from the demand and the offer sides.

The workshop and the market dialogue were organised in cooperation with the Competence Centre for Sustainable Procurement in Bonn.

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