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21 April 2017

Bio-based products and services as part of the circular economy

Does encouraging the public procurement of bio-based products also contribute to fostering a circular economy? A new factsheet published at the beginning of April through the InnProBio project has specifically addressed this very question. The factsheet focuses on how bio-based products and services fit into the circular economy, and also introduces the circular economy and circular procurement in broader terms.

The circular economy focuses mainly on the efficient use of finite resources and ensures that those are reused or recycled as long as possible. The bioeconomy uses renewable resources (that is, biomass, such as plants, trees or animals) instead of fossil resources, and can provide products that contribute to the enhanced circularity of our current economic model. As products reach their end of life, assumptions are usually made on the capacity of bio-based materials to be circular. What are the end-of-life options available? The factsheet also gives special attention to bio-based plastics and recycling.

This new factsheet is available for download from the InnProBio website. It is the fourth in a series of factsheets published in the framework of the European InnProBio project. The other factsheets – ‘What are bio-based products?’, ‘Sustainability of bio-based products’, and ‘Biodegradability: Exposing some of the myths and facts’ are available also in Dutch from the same page.