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25 November 2016

InnProBio newsletter #3 is already out

This week the InnProBio team issued the third project newsletter, including updates on the progress and the outcomes of InnProBio, news related to the topic of bio-based products and services, and upcoming events of potential interest to the subscribers.

In the “Project news” section, the factsheets on sustainability of bio-based products and biodegradability are presented, as well as the mapping of existing tools for bio-based products and services in public procurement. Presentations by InnProBio partners at the international public procurement conference in Lodz (Poland) are also captured. This event aimed to analyse the regulations of the new European public procurement.

The newsletter also covers the launch of the bio-based products’ database developed by the Open-Bio project. This tool provides relevant information about bio-based end products to assist public buyers in making purchasing decisions. Another EU-funded project, BioSTEP, and its virtual exhibition of bio-based products in the project website are featured in this issue.

The InnProBio newsletter is published every six months and you can subscribe here.